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ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controllers
Dual-compartment Controller Cabinet version

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ATSC4 Traffic Controller Brochure

Synergy Traffic Pte Ltd is proud to introduce the new ATSC4 Traffic Controller, a new generation traffic controller developed to meet the latest TSC/4 specifications of the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (Australia).

Designed for all weather conditions, modular construction for ease of maintenance, able to operate with a variety of power supply configurations, low power consumption and can manage all types of traffic signal displays. This fully SCATS® compatible controller is designed and developed to internationally safety standards and consist of safety features such as last red and flashing yellow during malfunctions.

From 4 to 32 Signal "Groups" outputs are supported
Up to 32 vehicle detector inputs
Up to 32 external inputs (pedestrians, emergency vehicle, railway inputs)
Provision for pedestrian demand indicator displays
Provision for one daily event output turn "No Right Turn Sign" On
Communications ready for connection to SCATS
WAN capability using TCP/IP (see Customization below)
Time-settings are user defined and intersection specific
Time-settings include variable min green, ability to count vehicles arriving on red, etc.
Timers monitor the input from vehicle detectors, indicating traffic density, and generate
  appropriate times to ensure efficient use of available green time
Pedestrian timers provide safe time settings for pedestrian and bicycle movements.
Solid state switching of all signal groups
Capable of managing up to 1200 watts per signal group
Capable of controlling incandescent, quarts halogen and LED signal lanterns
Lamp fault monitoring feature with reporting functions for maintenance
Last “Red” feature for safety
Flashing yellow failsafe display
Ability to dim lanterns at night
Controller “watchdog” software monitoring system
Separate hardware and software conflict monitors
Plain language message log
All equipment and network malfunctions logged

Unique software that uses a menu driven windows based system to display:

Fault Error Log
Group/Phasing Display
Real Time Graphical Intersection Display
Detector Diagnostics
View SCATS Communications
Lamp loads for each signal group
Dimming and Regulation Details
External Inputs and Auxiliary Outputs
Personality Prom Details
Group Flash in Maintenance Mode
iPAQ PDA compatible
Optional Hand Held Terminal (HHT)
Capable of operating in a range from 110 to 240 volts (50 or 60Hz)
Low main voltage shutdown protection
Designed to withstand over voltage conditions

Designed for generator or UPS operating conditions

Voltage regulation feature
Optional Industrial Grade UPS (-40ºC to +74ºC) with ruggedized battery banks for
  extended operation during grid power failure
Special controller cabinet that is customized to suit end-user requirement can be provided
  subjected to minimum order
Alternative means of communicating with SCATS central computers could be provided
  such as IP-based WAN connection via F/O, ADSL, GSM or Dial-up networks (note: additional hardware will be required)
Special interface with 3rd-party detection systems other than the use of the built-in
  inductive loop detection could be designed and provided where feasible