The ATSC4 obtains SCATS compatible certificate    
ATC has recently obtained the SCATS Compatibility Certificate for its ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller. This is a major milestone in the RTA's type approval process

    ATC supply Australia's first ELV Controller    
ATC has been selected to supply Australia's first 42vac ELV Controller with integrated UPS (ICUPS ELV) to VicRoads


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Synergy Traffic Pte Ltd is proud to introduce the new ATSC4 Traffic Controller, a new generation traffic controller developed to meet the latest TSC/4 specifications of the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (Australia).

Designed for all weather conditions, modular construction for ease of maintenance, able to operate with a variety of power supply configurations, low power consumption and can manage all types of traffic signal displays. This fully SCATS® compatible controller is designed and developed to internationally safety standards and consist of safety features such as last red and flashing yellow during malfunctions.

  The ATSC4,
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Introducing the ATSC4 Traffic Controller, this is the new generation controller developed to meet the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (Australia) specifications capable of managing up to 32 signal group displays and up to 64 inputs from vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles or emergency services.